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My Gender Identity: Let's Play Along! - It's All A Long, Beautiful, Scary Road Trip
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My Gender Identity: Let's Play Along!

So, I love me some Mad Libs. Back in the olden days when I used to co-edit a zine called Gayety (it used to be a zine with a release party. Then we realized the zine was more work than the release party and also lost a lot of money. So it became a release party without a zine, aka a show. Anyway) we always included at least one Queer Lib. We even used to do Queer Libs from stage and, for a while, Queer Libs were a big feature on my very web 1.0 site

So when I found a site to make Mad Libs the other day, I couldn’t resist creating one called My Gender Identity.

To create a My Gender Identity letter, go here

You’ll get a page that says “Free Mad Lib Generator”

Then you scroll down, you’ll see My Gender Identity and then click on it. Then when the link opens, you scroll down a bit you’ll see a list of types of speech with fillable boxes to the right (sorry for no direct link they are doing it with javascript).

Make yourself a Mad Lib and if it’s funny, email it to me and I’ll make it into a postcard and share it here. Tell me if I can use your real name and if you have any bio info etc or a link to your own work you want to share. Don’t be shy, you’re queer, we’re all events promoters. Except for the film-makers ;) .

Here’s what me and My Beautiful Girlfriend, Cheryl B did:

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