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NERD OFFFFFFFFFFF (and oh yeah, jealousy) - It's All A Long, Beautiful, Scary Road Trip
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NERD OFFFFFFFFFFF (and oh yeah, jealousy)

Lately I've been getting jealous of other comics who started about the same time I did. One person in particular probably began performing about six months before me. I did a show with her in the Bay Area in 2004. She'll be appearing on a Showtime special in March. As you may have noticed, I will not be appearing in a Showtime special in March.

She might possibly be more talented than I am, but I doubt she is working any harder. Of course, she did grow her hair long, start wearing make-up and develop an act that is basically a series of "jokes" about how much she hates her body. Brilliant and groundbreaking material there! She also started wearing one of those 80s silky blouses with one of those floppy bows at the top. Seriously, that's what she's wearing in her promo pic. Which just means bad 80s fashion sells better than queer realness. Surprise surprise. Although she does seriously look more like a butch dyke in that get up than she did back in the day.

Anyway the point of this is not to complain (after all, isn't that what the OTHER social networking platform is for? They should call it Whinebook) but as an intro to some things I feel really good about: the events I am helping make happen, doing comedy/performing/sharing a different way.

Of course, I am loving where Queer Memoir is going, and Juxtaposition seems to be taking off as well. But today I just have to say that the crowd at NERD LOVE totally won my heart. It really was an event for nerds by nerds.  And not just "oh ha ha I was such a nerd in high school but I was still homecoming queen" nerds. Hard core nerds, like a woman who got up and did an erotic reading from her education theory blog. Or another who read a love poem in some kind of science fiction language to his girlfriend (this was a straight guy unaffiliated with the queer community. He brought his girfriend to the queer nerd off as a Valentine's Day surprise. She was indeed surprised) . Or someone else who came to the mic to share one minute of her knowledge on how to conquer standardized exams.

Cheryl and I decided we are definitely going to produce some more nerd events. Maybe a Nerd Ball? A Nerd Prom? A Nerd Circus? We haven't quite figured it out yet, but we started a facebook page (of course) and if you want to see some funny nerds in action, check out the photos Syd London took, they are up on the Time Out NY website.

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