kellidunham (kellidunham) wrote,

What's that sound? Oh, it's straight people whining!

I'm almost giggling (it's anger tinged giggling, but giggling nonetheless) about the amount of straight whining about the Lambda Literary Foundation awards becoming for LGBT identified authors only. To be truthful, I've always assumed this was the case (and I was even a judge one year) but I guess what it really was is back in the day only LGBT authors were writing about LGBT lives. I don't oppose letting straight people win awards from gay organizations for writing about LGBT lives (heh it seems like that's all GLAAD does) but I admire LLF for saying these awards are meant to be for people living LGBT lives. 

A really good summary of the straightwhining and its counterarguments (if one can counter argue against whining) is found here.

One of the LJ gems? An author compared not letting straight people win awards from an LGBT organization about LGBT lives to the work of Westboro Baptist Church  (yeah, Fred "God hates fags" Phelps). Really? WTF? 

To be honest, since I don't read much fiction I'm not sure I would spend time reading a book about queerlife written by a straight person. Maybe if that person was in some way queer, or in some way queer family, regardless of who they had sex with perhaps I would. I actually hadn't given much thought to it. But you can be sure I've noticed the names of some of the most whiny straight authors and I can't imagine reading their work now. Work about LGBT lives, marinated in epic cluelessness about actual LGBT lives? Naw, I don't think so.

It's one award, straight people. Let us have our little teeny tiny cultural corner. It aint gonna kill you.

Also, I am sending LLF a few bucks next time I get a check.

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